Taste'n Travel: Traditional Tastes of Vienna

Discovering the Traditional Tastes of Vienna

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is a charming city and impresses its visitors in many ways. The baroque style can be experienced in many different ways, from its architecture and lifestyle. Vienna is a crucial center for Europe where east – west and north – south meets.

Vienna is mostly known for its intellectual lifestyle however its cuisine is also worth attention. This city offers diverse tastes most come from its imperial history. Some of the popular traditional tastes from Viennese cuisine are Schnitzel, Tafelspitz, Wiener Erdäpfelsalat, Wiener Goulash, Apfelstrudel, Kaiserschmarrn, and Powidltascherl. (more…)

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Taste'n Travel: Amsterdam Noorderlicht Cafe

Hidden Tastes of Amsterdam Part 3: Noorderlicht Café

Amsterdam is the fascinating city which is in the heart of Netherlands and one of the most frisky regions of northwest Europe. What makes Amsterdam special is the variation within the city that modern and old, classic and contemporary is entwined with each other in harmony. It is unquestionably beautiful, but there is something else with the spirit of the city that attracts me to visit there often.

Amsterdam is a popular destination not only for me but also to others. Many tourists visit the city to enjoy the view of the canals and its surrounding houses. There is also a favorable location to experience the Dutch free spirit. In general, visitors spend all their time in the old town. However, they may not get the full glimpse of the real Amsterdam without exploring the surrounding neighborhoods.


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Taste'n Travel: GLOW Dutch Light Festival Eindhoven. Flux Apparition Project

GLOW: The Precious Dutch Light Festival of Eindhoven

Social events are popular in the Netherlands, as such, there are a number of regular activities organized like festivals, parades, and markets. Eindhoven, the high-tech city in the south of Netherlands hosts full of creative events and GLOW is a prominent one which is a light festival being organized on every second week of November.

Such a light festival is well suited for one of the most leading worldwide technology and industry region that Eindhoven could be considered as the “silicon valley” of Europe. Being the hometown of Philips has significantly helped the city to urbanize rapidly. Many traces are visible around the town, as such some buildings were once formerly part of Philips factory. (more…)

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Taste'n Travel; Feeling the Gothic Spirit in the Old Town of Prague

Feeling the Gothic Spirit in the Old Town of Prague

Prague is one of the world’s most visited cities, and it is a must for everyone to visit the city at least once in a lifetime. Especially if you are someone who likes history and gets attracted by gothic styles, a single visit would probably not enough for you to experience this lovely Bohemian city.

One of the most prominent places to get acquainted with Prague’s Bohemian spirit is certainly the old town square where gothic, baroque and colourful buildings stand in harmony for centuries. When you look around from the tower of the old town, you view the authentically elegant scene as if it came out of a sketchbook. (more…)

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Taste'n Travel: Holiday in Canaries

Holiday Experience in Tenerife: The biggest Canary Island

The Canaries are a chain of volcanic islands named as Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Gomera, La Palma, El Hierro and Tenerife. Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean, west of North Africa. When you look from above or to a satellite view, what you notice is a volcanic peak on the southern side of the island. This precious sight belongs to Mountain Teide, which is the highest peak of Canaries and Spain.

Tenerife has shaped over a couple of eruptions, and the last one occurred at the beginning of 20th century. A formerly, Teide was in the 15th century, and Christopher Columbus reported in his travel journal about seeing a great fire coming from Orotava Valley when he was on his way to discover the new word in 1492. (more…)

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Taste'n Travel; Paris Day 2

A Weekend in Paris: Day 2

Paris is an enormously big city where is impossible to discover all at once. However, you can get a glimpse of the main attractions on a short weekend with strict planning. The first day I visited Notre Dame Cathedral, Champs-Èlysées Boulevard and Arc de Triomphe. Click here to read about the first day. In the second day, I visited Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge, Flame of Liberty, and Louvre Museum. (more…)

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Taste'n Travel:  A Weekend in Paris

A Weekend in Paris: Day 1

Paris is an enormously big city where is impossible to discover all at once. However, you can get a glimpse of the main attractions on a short weekend with strict planning.

I visited Paris on a beautiful sunny August day. The first day passed with wandering around the city and photographing the attractions. For me, the attractions that impressed me the most were Notre Dame Cathedral, Champs-Èlysées Boulevard and Arc de Triomphe. Click here for the attractions that I visited in Paris in the second day. The beauty of these attractions are unquestionably breathtaking, and I wanted to capture their beauty on my camera from all the angles.  (more…)

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Taste'n Travel: Wenceslas Square, Prague

Pokémon Go Experience in Wenceslas Square, Prague

Pokémon GO is a recently launched game introduced to the world by Nintendo and soon became very popular. The game is unique because virtual characters are set up on the real world map which took the concept of gaming into a new dimension.

Pokémon GO may look complicated, but it is an easy game to grasp. You have an avatar which is placed on the map. The goal is to collect Pokémons to train and fight and join teams on virtual “gyms”. When you launch the app for the first time you need to create a character which will automatically be placed to your current location. (more…)

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Goethe House in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is one of the biggest German city and an important culture, art and commerce centre of Germany as it was in the 18th century. During the Early Modern Era (between 16th to 18th century), science and innovation have grown rapidly with the invention of printing press.

John Wolfgang Goethe was one of the residents of Frankfurt who was born on August 28, 1749. Goethe came to the world in a house located in the heart of the city, which belonged to a high-status family. He spent his early life in Frankfurt, almost the first quarter of his life and this was very influential in forming his mindset and social attitude.    (more…)

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Taste'n Travel; Pinkpop - Netherland's most consistent music festival

Pinkpop: Netherland’s Most Famous Music Festival

Music festivals must be experienced at least once in a lifetime. It provides a unique environment which is relaxing and lively at the same time. Wherever you turn around you will see live bands and youth spirit, smiling faces, and enjoyment of life. For me festival days are like special times offered from heaven, takes my mind away from the quotidian monotonous tasks and makes me mindfully present in the moment, I am there just to have fun.

In Europe, many music festivals are organised every year and I am taking an advantage of this since I moved to the Netherlands. I am attending a music festival at least once a year. I have been to Rock Werchter once and Pinkpop Music Festival twice. There are much more music festivals in Europe. Click here to read more about the Music Festivals which in Europe. (more…)

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