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If you are someone who likes to travel and discover new things, looking for a new destination to visit or just want to have some information about there, you are in the right place.

As you could guess from the name, Taste’n Travel is about sharing information about places, food or events that I have already been and found it worthwhile to experience…Who am I? Just someone who is very enthusiastic about seeking for new destinations with its history, art, culture and language.

What makes Taste’n Travel articles special is that experience is harmonised with knowledge. As the author, I am very much motivated about reflecting the story behind the things that I am fascinated to write about. For me, searching and reading are as important as visiting and capturing. Finally, my perspective makes them turn to an interesting story.

Taste’n Travel: An illustration demonstrating each process while preparing a blog article.

I do love traveling, but I think that a journey is not complete by “just wandering,” it should add new knowledge and experiences to me so that I might be able to share with an attractive way to my readers…

About Me

My name is Begum. I live in Eindhoven which is located in the south of the Netherlands. From here, it is easy to travel all over Europe with a low-cost budget. Belgium is half and Germany is one hour away from my home by car. I consider myself incredibly lucky to get the opportunity to travel with different ways. I can discover new places, learn about new things and experience new tastes.

Taste'n Travel; As a blogger, travel is my passion since my childhood times!
Taste’n Travel: Travel is my passion since childhood!

Travel is my passion since childhood. I have visited more than fifteen countries since my childhood and would like to visit as many destinations as possible. As a traveller, I firmly believe that each travel should have a purpose and the experiences should be shared in an informative and fun way to others. Travelling also has a significant role in personal growth, by doing this, you can learn about new cultures and which help you to see the world from different perspectives.

Besides travelling, I am also very enthusiastic about writing which makes me feel relaxed and helps me to organise my ideas, experiences, and present in a meaningful way. I think every journey is full of joyful moments and I am re-experiencing them when capturing those wonderful times. Besides I think that blogging makes my trip complete, so that I search and learn about new things while preparing my posts.

Taste'n Travel; About Me
Taste’n Travel: About the author

So far, I have been blogging for a year, and I can say that it helps me add many experiences to me. I learned about many different places and also deepened my knowledge about cities and cultures. This year, the cities that I had to discover and wrote about are Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Paris, Copenhagen, Prague, Antwerp, Barcelona, Valencia and Vienna. There are also many other articles about foods, events, places and new ones are on its way!

Enjoy reading the articles and have lots of fun with your travels!


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