Discovering the unlimited world of Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci, the renaissance intellect who changed the world with his contributions in many ways. Words are not enough to describe Da Vinci, having a diverse interest; so he has been one of the most exceptional people of all times. As a keen observer, Leonardo always wanted to discover the secrets of nature. He had a good imagination which was passing way beyond the limits of the era that he lived.

This outstanding boy was born in 1452 in the town of Vinci, as a great gift to Italy. Because he was the illegitimate son of a lawyer dad and a peasant mom, Leonardo could not get a good education as other children got, who are coming from high-class families. This boy had something different, he had tendency to art and his family soon recognized his skills. (more…)

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Discovering Venice Part 1: Saint Mark’s Square

Venice is a fairytale city located in northeast Italy which was the capital of an aristocratic Venetian Sea Republic. Today, with its 118 islands Venice became one of the most visited touristic sites of the world.

The first settlements in Venice are believed to be started in 421 after the fall of Western Rome Empire. The republic was established in the 8th century having aristocratic characteristic and being ruled by Doge. The republic has become wealthy in a short time getting its economic power from trade. (more…)

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Nazarkoy, the cherished village of Izmir

Izmir is the third biggest city of Turkey on the west, in the heart of Aegean region. It is a fast-growing city; it gets many migrations from other parts of the country. Despite the dense population, natural beauty is well-preserved in the region.

Izmir is big which offers facilities of urban lifestyle, a well-developed economy, and transportation. Skyscrapers, expensive stores, and chic cafes flourish a part of the city. The historical part of the town is well-preserved. There are two famous landmarks are present, the clock tower and Kizlaragasi (Ottoman) shopping hall. You can photograph the clock tower and shop traditional local goods from the mall.

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Exploring Barcelona Part 4: Antoni Gaudí and his Art Style

Barcelona is a great destination to visit for anyone who enjoys urban life. There is the alive and colorful atmosphere with crowded streets, shops, sidewalk cafes and many more attractions. This buoyant lifestyle just continues and on that, it is possible to encounter people on streets any time of night.

Barcelona streets are surrounded with beautiful architecture varying in the style from medieval Gothic to Catalan modernist. The stylish private properties which started to emerge in the early 20th century as part of the trend among the bourgeois class had a great contribution to this modernism movement. A famous figure leading the modern art movements in Barcelona is no one else than Antoni Gaudí. He contributed the city reaching its final facade that each of his artworks become a city landmark, attracting thousands of tourists every year to the city. (more…)

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Exploring Barcelona Part 3: Casa Batlló

Passeig de Gràcia is one of the most famous streets of Barcelona close to the centre, Placa de Cataluna. This neighbourhood resembles a live gallery that many stylish buildings are standing next to each other. The famous buildings on Passeig de Gracia are Casa Lleó Morera, Casa Mulleras, Casa Bonet, Casa Amatller, Casa Mila and Casa Batlló. The last two have the most remarkable appearance, and they are designed by worldwide famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí.

Gaudí is a master who served more than 50 years to his country and produced many beautiful artworks during his lifetime. Each of the artworks became symbols of Barcelona and entered to UNESCO world heritage list. Gaudi’s art style played a leading role when the art style was shifting toward modernism at the beginning of 20th century.

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Discovering Sicily Part 2: Villa Romana Del Casale

When given an opportunity, humans have the tendency to make their living environments rich with opulent decorations since the early civilizations. Ancient Roman villas are one of the supreme examples of environments for domestic life using artistic depictions on decorations.

In the Roman times, the word “villa” was first used to call the houses living upper-class people, and they were constructed on the rural sites, out of city walls. Villas were not only residential buildings but also an administration center the surrounding land. The owners mostly are from upper classes, and aristocrats so they were public figures, and their private properties were familiar places to meet with society. (more…)

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Van Abbemuseum: Eindhoven’s Precious Modern Art Gallery

Eindhoven is one of the well-known high tech industrial centers in Europe. The city is rapidly growing since the beginning of 20th century thanks to its citizens, who are always seeking for innovation and originality.

Henri Van Abbe, a cigar manifacturer, was one of the citizens who made a significant contribution to Eindhoven. He was passionate for collecting art pieces from various national and international artists. His life period coincided with the era that perception of art has shifted towards modernism which is the true evidence of ever-changing world. (more…)

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Acropolis: The Golden Crown of Athens

Once upon a time, there was a sacred area on the top of a hill where the worships prayed for their precious deity Athena, the protector of the goddess of the city. This place was so beautiful that whoever passed by was enchanted by the decorations of buildings which are surrounded by many statues. Years went on and the hill witnessed many catastrophic events, wars, earthquakes still preserved its beauty.

People call ancient establishment Acropolis which means high land in Greek, and there is an inhabitation place for more than 5000 years. The most recent establishment was 2500 years ago. In Acropolis, every building is another monument with a different architectural structure. Each building crowns the hill in harmony and has its own story. (more…)

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Discovering Sicily Part 1: Big Cities

Are you a nature lover? Sicily also offers natural walking tours over the mountain Etna. This gigantic active volcano of Europe lies in the north east part of the island having 135 recorded eruptions in history. Etna’s last eruption happened on 16 March 2017, and it caused the injury of 10 people. Mountain Etna has even been mentioned in Greek mythology, the “God of Fire” lives on the steep valleys of the mountain. (more…)

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Enjoying Music in Rock Werchter, the Worldwide Famous Festival of Belgium

Belgium is a heaven for music, many music festivals takes place throughout the year on different parts of the country. The three most famous Belgian music festivals are Tomorrowland, Rock Werchter and I Love Techno. As someone who is a fan of rock and alternative music, my preference is Rock Werchter from these three top festivals.

Music festivals have been introduced to my life around four years ago after I moved to Europe. Now it is a tradition for me to attend to a music festival once a year. It provides a nice opportunity to listen to many famous music bands and groups on a single weekend. (more…)

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