Exploring Barcelona Part 1: Places With Good Tastes

Barcelona, the crowned Mediterranean is an inspiring city with traces of many years of history. There is joyful, artistic and also delicious. It is possible to find many different kinds of healthy cuisine, a true source of happiness.

Spanish food is great, especially tapas, paella and sangria are my favorite. Enjoying this Spanish and Catalan delight in Barcelona is a fantastic experience especially when it is combined with this city’s exciting atmosphere.

Because of Barcelona’s metropolitan nature, it hosts many different delicious tastes that there is freedom for visitors to go beyond local tastes and enjoy the combination of global recipes. I visited Barcelona in an early February weekend. During my short journey, I have discovered new cafes and restaurants having fantastic decorations and offering distinguished tastes. Here is my food journey from the Barcelona trip.   

Breakfast – Cafe Santa Lucia

Cafe Santa Lucia is an Italian style patisserie where fresh and delicious pastries and made and served. This cafe was very close to the hotel where I was staying and there became the first stop of the day during my short Barcelona trip. The two mornings I had breakfast with fresh brown Croissants accompanying with a delicious cafe latte. They have a vegan croissant option in which there is no butter added. I found it reasonable for vegetarians or anyone who does not eat dairy products.

Taste'n Travel: Barcelona Tour Lunch Casa Lola
Taste’n Travel: Barcelona Tour Breakfast Santa Lucia

Besides the food, decoration of the restaurant was also very cozy. There were some old items in the shelves which give the place vintage spirit. There was also tables outside which reminded me of Parisian sidewalk cafes.

Cafe Santa Lucia is a suitable place to spend your Sunday mornings and enjoy the delicious Italian style food with friends and the family. The cafe is not in the crowded touristic zone of Barcelona which gives a nice opportunity to witness lifestyle of the locals.

The address is Carrer de Mallorca, 270, 08037 Barcelona, Spain. Tripadvisor rating is 4 out of 5. Click here for the official website.

Lunch – Casa Lola

Paella is a worldwide famous Spanish dish commonly served during lunch time. Valencia is the hometown of paella, and the most traditional paella called “Paella Valenciana”. Like around a year ago I had a chance to experience this traditional taste during my visit to Valencia. Click here to see the blog article that I wrote about paella.

Taste'n Travel: Barcelona Tour Lunch Casa Lola
Taste’n Travel: Barcelona Tour Lunch Casa Lola

During my visit to Barcelona, I wanted to enjoy Paella on the last day when I was walking around La Rambla Cataluna. There were a couple of restaurants that were serving paella, and I have encountered Casa Lola which looked like a typical latin style restaurant from its menu and style.

I admit that Casa Lola’s decoration style was a great influence in my decision where was the most colorful and charming restaurant that I have encountered in the boulevard. The interior is designed with red polka dots which looked really nice. The staff in Casa Lola is also friendly. There is a warm atmosphere inside and I enjoyed all the time passed there.

Casa Lola is actually a tapas restaurant, and there are a wide variety of food options as tapas, small sandwiches, salad, paellas and dishes. I went for Seafood Paella (Paella de Marisco) its taste was fine.

The address of Casa Lola is Rambla de Catalunya, 70, 08007 Barcelona, Spain. Tripadvisor rating is 3 out of 5. Click here for the official website.

Diner – Bacoa Kiosko

Bacoa Kiosko is a fast food restaurant specialized on burgers. This place is famous for making the best burgers in Barcelona that the quality is far beyond a typical burger. Click here to read more about its philosophy.

Bacoa is opened in 2010 as a small burger kiosk and expanded its business since then. The place has Spanish and Austrian owners whose mission is to combine Austrian barbecue with Latin ingredients.

Taste'n Travel: Barcelona Tour Dinner Casa Bacoa
Taste’n Travel: Barcelona Tour Dinner Casa Bacoa

If you are looking for a delicious burger with high-quality supplements, Bacoa is definitely the right place for you. You can make a selection from a variety of options for meat, bread, and fried potato. For meat, you can make a choice between the Pyrenees, Galician Beef, and Marinated Chicken.

Bacoa is also vegetarian-friendly, I went for a “black bean burger” and it tasted great. If I visit Barcelona again, this time I will try the chickpeas burger. There are also many sauce options, I tried the mustard sauce, and it went very well with my vegetarian burger.

Despite the delicious food, the restaurant is small and too crowded that it could be a challenging if you have small children. The place was more for squeezing on a table and eating fast as possible. If you are looking for somewhere enjoy time Bacoa is not a convenient place. The service is slow compared to other fast food restaurants. However, the time is worth for the food’s quality.

Bacoa is in Barceloneta a famous coastal district of the city where the old harbor is placed. The address of Bacoa Kiosko is Av. del Marquès de l’Argentera, 1, 08003 Barcelona, Spain. Tripadvisor rating is 4.5 out of 5. Click here for the official website.

Evening Drinks – Tandem Cocktail Bar

Tandem Cocktail bar is a perfect destination for evening drinks if you like to drink cocktails. Tandem Bar has a classical style decoration, wood decoration and letter chair. The style takes you to 80’s, you can experience the real nostalgia. The place is established in 1987 and serving great cocktails to its visitors for 30 years. Tandem is still a very popular and trendy bar of Barcelona.

I visited the bar on a Saturday afternoon around 9’o clock. In the beginning, it was not very crowded then people started coming especially after 11. I especially enjoyed the social environment that it created that the music sound is not irritably high, and you can benefit from the conversation with your friends.

Taste'n Travel: Barcelona Tour Drinks Tandem Bar
Taste’n Travel: Barcelona Tour Drinks Tandem Bar

Tandem has an interesting procedure for ordering. There is no menu of the cocktail bar, and you need to explain to barmen what you want, and then they take care of it for you. I ordered for two times during my visit. In my second order, I wanted something which has sour and spicy taste, and they prepared something very delicious from lemon and paprika with a smokey taste. When I asked about how it got this taste he explained that he burned some cinnamon and let the glass absorb it before pouring the drinks. That was the most delicious cocktail that I have ever had.

Tandem Coctail Bar is a great place to enjoy Saturday evenings with friends. The address is Carrer d’Aribau, 86, 08036 Barcelona, Spain. Tripadvisor rating is 4.5 out of 5. Click here for the official website.

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