Hidden tastes of Amsterdam Part 2: Butcher’s Tears

After a fun but tiresome shopping experience in Kalverstraat , I have headed to south side of the city to discover another hidden taste of Amsterdam called Butcher’s Tears . Butcher’s Tears is a small local brewery, which started producing home-brew beers since 2012.

Butcher’s Tears Proeflokaal

I have chosen to discover Butcher’s Tears because trying out new beers is a hobby for me since I moved to the Netherlands. I enjoy beers especially when it is accompanied by a good conversation with friends or with a good absorbing book. I am very lucky that I live in a region where I can find beers with many different kinds of flavours. Amsterdam and Belgium cities are good places to discover new breweries as well as other Dutch cities. I try to discover all the local small breweries around as much as I find time, visit the brewery spot and taste freshly brewed tap beers.

Butcher’s Tears is located on the industrial space in the south district of Amsterdam. It is on the end of street Karperweg which looks quiet and isolated when walking on it at night. After walking for 5 minutes, I was happy to see the Butcher’s Tears sign from distance.

When I enteredButcher’s Tears brewery, I was amazed by seeing all the crowd on such a quiet street. The interior design of was very simple and elegant and had a modern style. I have already learned from a simple web research that the owners of the brewery are an artist, a Sweedish brewer and a marketing salesperson. I think they are a great team and seem to do a good job with the management.

Butcher’s Tears from Inside

When I checked the menu, I saw that there were 12 different beers available: 6 on tap and 6 bottled. I started the tasting journey with Green Cap which was a pale ale beer on tap. In general I like different kind of beers varying from Blond, Trappiste to Stout. However, my favourite beer of all times is definitely pale ale and I was happy to find one on Butcher’s Tears. I also tried all the other beers such as Pling & Plong  (pale ale).

Enjoying beers in Butcher’s Tears

Overall, I am very happy that I discovered Butcher’s Tears… The design of the place is awesome, the beers are outstanding including the way they presented. The bottles also looked liked piece of artwork in terms of layout, colours and the typefaces.

Butcher’s Tears is a place where you can visit whenever you a looking for a various homemade beer in Amsterdam and you can enjoy the place in the afternoon with your friends and family. The beers are around approximately between 2,5€ to 4€ (per glass).

The official address of Butcher’s Tears is Karperweg 45, 1075 LB, Amsterdam. You can access there by tram (2 minutes, #2 and 16; 33 minutes) or by bus (70 to 172; 28 minutes) from Amsterdam central station. In the weekends there is also live music in Butcher’s Tears. Check out the official Butcher’s Tears website for more information.

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  1. Begum,

    I really enjoyed this review of Butcher’s Tears beer. What a clever name as well! I hope to try this place some time. Perhaps they export as well.

    Looking forward to reading more of your reviews. Keep them coming!

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