Enjoying Music in Rock Werchter, the Worldwide Famous Festival of Belgium

Belgium is a heaven for music, many music festivals takes place throughout the year on different parts of the country. The three most famous Belgian music festivals are Tomorrowland, Rock Werchter and I Love Techno. As someone who is a fan of rock and alternative music, my preference is Rock Werchter from these three top festivals.

Music festivals have been introduced to my life around four years ago after I moved to Europe. Now it is a tradition for me to attend to a music festival once a year. It provides a nice opportunity to listen to many famous music bands and groups on a single weekend. (more…)

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Wandering Around Brussels Centrum

When visiting European cities, it is common to walk through a crowded square, and the well-preserved ones would be surrounded by stylish historical buildings. Brussels Grand Plaza is one of the best examples of a historical square, and the buildings that surround the square makes the place very attractive to visitors which are a combination of Gothic and Neo-Classic style buildings.

I have been traveling to Belgium since I was sixteen and the centrum of Brussels is the most beautiful town square that I have encountered so far. The center is always lively day and night which makes me excited anytime I pass there. The old buildings are so attractive that I cannot take my eyes out of them. The buildings are so stylish, decorated with great sculptures and engravings that I am so impressed of the architects of these buildings. Brussels square became more interesting for me when I learned about the story behind them. (more…)

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Pelgrom: A Place in Antwerp Frozen in History

Antwerp is a beautiful city full of attractions, delicious tastes, and a rich history. On the previous post, I wrote over the historical tourist attractions of the Antwerp under the title “Discovering the Medieval Traces of Antwerp.” There are some well-preserved public buildings and monuments around the city from medieval times such as the City Hall or the Cathedral.

In Antwerp, medieval spirit can also be traced in some of the private properties such as “Pelgrom”. Pelgrom is also a perfect place to enjoy Flemish cuisine in medieval style. Pelgrom has two different sections: a museum-house of a medieval family and a cellar as the restaurant.


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‘t koekebakske: an unforgettable taste from Antwerp

Antwerp is one of the places where I would like to visit again and again without getting bored. I like the Antwerp not only because it has beautiful streets but also because of the friendly environment and for many other nice offers….

I really like to visit the shops of Antwerp, enjoy Belgian waffle and to try out the different kinds of beers. Moreover the city is only one and a half hour away from my house which makes it very easy and convenient especially when I want to escape out of Eindhoven. (more…)

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