Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a fascinating city where sits in the heart of northwest Europe with all its glory. Having wandered around this stunning city, it is possible for someone to trace its wealthy history. During Golden times, it was a capital of commercial trade with having strong connections from east to west.

Dam Square is the oldest square in Amsterdam, which is considered as the center of the city witnessed many important events throughout history. It is still the main square of Amsterdam surrounded by important buildings and monuments as Nieuwe Kerk, National Monument and also the Royal Palace. Here is a nice video about the history and development of Dam Square. (more…)

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Hidden Tastes of Amsterdam Part 3: Noorderlicht Café

Amsterdam is the fascinating city which is in the heart of Netherlands and one of the most frisky regions of northwest Europe. What makes Amsterdam special is the variation within the city that modern and old, classic and contemporary is entwined with each other in harmony. It is unquestionably beautiful, but there is something else with the spirit of the city that attracts me to visit there often.

Amsterdam is a popular destination not only for me but also to others. Many tourists visit the city to enjoy the view of the canals and its surrounding houses. There is also a favorable location to experience the Dutch free spirit. In general, visitors spend all their time in the old town. However, they may not get the full glimpse of the real Amsterdam without exploring the surrounding neighborhoods.


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Churches of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a beautiful European city with its canal streets, cafes and stylish buildings. The churches are well-protected historical monuments and fascinating examples of medieval and renaissance architecture.  Those beautiful monuments ornate the city from east to west and north to south with their domes and towers.

The churches of Amsterdam range from 100 to 800 years that most of them were constructed between 13th to 16th century when the city was growing and becoming wealthier. In those times, religion had a major role in daily life of the Christians and attending to the church was an obligation for the citizens. The churches were powerful and independent with their laws and taxes. (more…)

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Hidden tastes of Amsterdam Part 1: Vleminckx

Amsterdam is the most fantastic city that I have every seen. On every visit, I encounter something new and I am fascinated by the liveliness and diversity there that this variation always makes me feel cheerful. I like Amsterdam not only because it cheers my mood up but also I get inspired by the art, design, and beauty that I experience there….There is always something interesting in every season of the year which makes it an indispensable place to visit.

Last weekend I visited Amsterdam and had great time there when I was wandering around the city and discovering new tastes that I haven’t before. Currently my trips in Amsterdam are focused on finding hidden spots in the city since I already visited the touristic places such as the “I amsterdam” sign several times before. (more…)

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