Traditional Doner Experience in Tatar Salim Restaurant, Istanbul

When thinking of Turkish food, Doner Kebap (Döner) would probably the first one that would come to the minds because it is a very famous food both within and outside Turkey. Doner is actually a special form of Kebap prepared by stuffing meats and wrapping around a metallic stick.
Doner means “to rotate” and Kebap means “roasted meat”. Doner is getting roasted gradually by rotating where one part faces fire. The meat is prepared thorough mixing it with suet, various herbs, and spices. Within Anatolia region, the meat that is used for doner is mostly lamb, beef, and chicken. (more…)

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Istanbul’s Favorites: Cengelkoy and the Kuleli Military High School

Cengelkoy is a village of Istanbul preserving its historical structure, located on the Asian coast of Istanbul between Uskudar and Beykoz. “Cengelkoy” means hook village, the district is called this way because the hook was being produced for the ships in this district for long years during Ottoman era.

Cengelkoy has always been one of the most attractive villages of Istanbul with its fascinating nature, fresh air and picturesque view of Bosphorus. In the modern era, Cengelkoy is one of the few spots of Istanbul where the blue and green meet; the beautiful Bosphorus is surrounded by nice hills which are covered by forest. This variation in nature makes Bosphorus an attractive district for its residents and visitors. (more…)

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