Touring Around Luxembourg City Part 1

In between Germany, Belgium, and France, there sits a very small and beautiful country which is called Luxembourg. The seventh smallest country of European Union. Despite its size, Luxembourg has one of the highest per capita in the world, and the official name is Grand Duchy of Luxembourg since 1815. Throughout the history, Luxembourg remained wealthy thanks to the steel industry. Today, there is an important investment place in the world, a financial center for many banks and companies.

The capital of the country is called Luxembourg City, which is a prominent center with many well- preserved historical sites and recently developed modern buildings. Many of the buildings were constructed in the 16th century and the style is inspired by Flemish Renaissance Architecture. Here is an informative web article about the history of Luxembourg. (more…)

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Exploring Barcelona Part 1: Places With Good Tastes

Barcelona, the crowned Mediterranean is an inspiring city with traces of many years of history. There is joyful, artistic and also delicious. It is possible to find many different kinds of healthy cuisine, a true source of happiness.

Spanish food is great, especially tapas, paella and sangria are my favorite. Enjoying this Spanish and Catalan delight in Barcelona is a fantastic experience especially when it is combined with this city’s exciting atmosphere. (more…)

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‘t koekebakske: an unforgettable taste from Antwerp

Antwerp is one of the places where I would like to visit again and again without getting bored. I like the Antwerp not only because it has beautiful streets but also because of the friendly environment and for many other nice offers….

I really like to visit the shops of Antwerp, enjoy Belgian waffle and to try out the different kinds of beers. Moreover the city is only one and a half hour away from my house which makes it very easy and convenient especially when I want to escape out of Eindhoven. (more…)

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FeelGood Market Sundays in Eindhoven

Netherlands is a country full of events that something interesting is going on every season such as expositions, parades, festivals, markets…When I think about the events in the Netherlands, the first thing that comes to my mind is originality. FeelGood Market is one of the events organised several times in a year and it is a very good example of Dutch creativity.

FeelGood Market is a market but not a typical one. In a typical market there would be bunch of stands in an area and you would visit there to buy the needs and leave directly after shopping is over. This is definitely not the case for the FeelGood Market…It offers an inspiring place with all the stands, sidewalk cafe’s, stage and a bunch of pillows sprea over an area. The environment is cheerful as a festival area which can be relaxing and lively at the same time. (more…)

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Traditional Dutch Pancakes in Eindhoven

Pancake is my favorite food. I feel lucky that I live in a country where pancakes are easily found outside with many different flavors. They are sold in grocery shops as packaged or in train stations. Pancakes are being served in restaurants and there are even places where there are only pancakes, those places are called pancake houses. There are even boats where you can eat unlimited pancakes during the journey.

Having pancakes for breakfast during the weekends is a tradition of our family. Usually, I bake pancakes at home in the weekends. This Saturday we decided to go to a pancake house that we have not been before. We wanted to try out a new taste in an outdoor place to get fresh air and enjoy the relaxing environment. Google Search showed me that Pannenkoekenhuis De Proeftuin was an ideal location for us to discover. (more…)

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