Trdelnik: A Traditional East European Pastry

Trdelnik is a popular street food in East Europe especially in Prague. For me, it is one of the most delicious pastries that I have tasted in Europe. Traditionally this taste is more associated with Prague however it is a shared recipe among East European countries.

Trdelnik is getting very popular within Europe as a street food and it is possible to encounter it in many other European cities. So far have encountered it in a couple of Christmas Markets in Germany and Austria. (more…)

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Pokémon Go Experience in Wenceslas Square, Prague

Pokémon GO is a recently launched game introduced to the world by Nintendo and soon became very popular. The game is unique because virtual characters are set up on the real world map which took the concept of gaming into a new dimension.

Pokémon GO may look complicated, but it is an easy game to grasp. You have an avatar which is placed on the map. The goal is to collect Pokémons to train and fight and join teams on virtual “gyms”. When you launch the app for the first time you need to create a character which will automatically be placed to your current location. (more…)

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