Nazarkoy, the cherished village of Izmir

Izmir is the third biggest city of Turkey on the west, in the heart of Aegean region. It is a fast-growing city; it gets many migrations from other parts of the country. Despite the dense population, natural beauty is well-preserved in the region.

Izmir is big which offers facilities of urban lifestyle, a well-developed economy, and transportation. Skyscrapers, expensive stores, and chic cafes flourish a part of the city. The historical part of the town is well-preserved. There are two famous landmarks are present, the clock tower and Kizlaragasi (Ottoman) shopping hall. You can photograph the clock tower and shop traditional local goods from the mall.

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Touring Around Luxembourg City Part 1

In between Germany, Belgium, and France, there sits a very small and beautiful country which is called Luxembourg. The seventh smallest country of European Union. Despite its size, Luxembourg has one of the highest per capita in the world, and the official name is Grand Duchy of Luxembourg since 1815. Throughout the history, Luxembourg remained wealthy thanks to the steel industry. Today, there is an important investment place in the world, a financial center for many banks and companies.

The capital of the country is called Luxembourg City, which is a prominent center with many well- preserved historical sites and recently developed modern buildings. Many of the buildings were constructed in the 16th century and the style is inspired by Flemish Renaissance Architecture. Here is an informative web article about the history of Luxembourg. (more…)

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Trdelnik: A Traditional East European Pastry

Trdelnik is a popular street food in East Europe especially in Prague. For me, it is one of the most delicious pastries that I have tasted in Europe. Traditionally this taste is more associated with Prague however it is a shared recipe among East European countries.

Trdelnik is getting very popular within Europe as a street food and it is possible to encounter it in many other European cities. So far have encountered it in a couple of Christmas Markets in Germany and Austria. (more…)

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Exploring Barcelona Part 1: Places With Good Tastes

Barcelona, the crowned Mediterranean is an inspiring city with traces of many years of history. There is joyful, artistic and also delicious. It is possible to find many different kinds of healthy cuisine, a true source of happiness.

Spanish food is great, especially tapas, paella and sangria are my favorite. Enjoying this Spanish and Catalan delight in Barcelona is a fantastic experience especially when it is combined with this city’s exciting atmosphere. (more…)

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Discovering the Traditional Tastes of Vienna

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is a charming city and impresses its visitors in many ways. The baroque style can be experienced in many different ways, from its architecture and lifestyle. Vienna is a crucial center for Europe where east – west and north – south meets.

Vienna is mostly known for its intellectual lifestyle however its cuisine is also worth attention. This city offers diverse tastes most come from its imperial history. Some of the popular traditional tastes from Viennese cuisine are Schnitzel, Tafelspitz, Wiener Erdäpfelsalat, Wiener Goulash, Apfelstrudel, Kaiserschmarrn, and Powidltascherl. (more…)

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Hidden Tastes of Amsterdam Part 3: Noorderlicht Café

Amsterdam is the fascinating city which is in the heart of Netherlands and one of the most frisky regions of northwest Europe. What makes Amsterdam special is the variation within the city that modern and old, classic and contemporary is entwined with each other in harmony. It is unquestionably beautiful, but there is something else with the spirit of the city that attracts me to visit there often.

Amsterdam is a popular destination not only for me but also to others. Many tourists visit the city to enjoy the view of the canals and its surrounding houses. There is also a favorable location to experience the Dutch free spirit. In general, visitors spend all their time in the old town. However, they may not get the full glimpse of the real Amsterdam without exploring the surrounding neighborhoods.


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Holiday Experience in Tenerife: The biggest Canary Island

The Canaries are a chain of volcanic islands named as Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Gomera, La Palma, El Hierro and Tenerife. Tenerife is the largest of the seven Canary Islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean, west of North Africa. When you look from above or to a satellite view, what you notice is a volcanic peak on the southern side of the island. This precious sight belongs to Mountain Teide, which is the highest peak of Canaries and Spain.

Tenerife has shaped over a couple of eruptions, and the last one occurred at the beginning of 20th century. A formerly, Teide was in the 15th century, and Christopher Columbus reported in his travel journal about seeing a great fire coming from Orotava Valley when he was on his way to discover the new word in 1492. (more…)

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Churches of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a beautiful European city with its canal streets, cafes and stylish buildings. The churches are well-protected historical monuments and fascinating examples of medieval and renaissance architecture.  Those beautiful monuments ornate the city from east to west and north to south with their domes and towers.

The churches of Amsterdam range from 100 to 800 years that most of them were constructed between 13th to 16th century when the city was growing and becoming wealthier. In those times, religion had a major role in daily life of the Christians and attending to the church was an obligation for the citizens. The churches were powerful and independent with their laws and taxes. (more…)

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Sirince Village: The Pearl of Mountain Ephesus

Turkey is a charming country, offers a wide variety of culture with its multi-national history. A good example for this multicultural mixture is Sirince Village, located near Selcuk, a town of Izmir famous for its ancient city Ephesus.

Sirince means “Cutie” in Turkish, and as its name indicates, it is a lovely village located on top of Ephesus mountain approximately 400 meters above the sea level situated to 8 km east of Ancient Ephesus City.

When you visit Sirince Village, it is possible to find the traces of Greek, Turkish and Balkan in the architecture. Sirince also offers many things at the same time such as nature, organic food, stylish architecture, wine tasting and the sunny weather. (more…)

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Traditional Doner Experience in Tatar Salim Restaurant, Istanbul

When thinking of Turkish food, Doner Kebap (Döner) would probably the first one that would come to the minds because it is a very famous food both within and outside Turkey. Doner is actually a special form of Kebap prepared by stuffing meats and wrapping around a metallic stick.
Doner means “to rotate” and Kebap means “roasted meat”. Doner is getting roasted gradually by rotating where one part faces fire. The meat is prepared thorough mixing it with suet, various herbs, and spices. Within Anatolia region, the meat that is used for doner is mostly lamb, beef, and chicken. (more…)

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