Touring Around Luxembourg City Part 2

Luxembourg City is the capital of Luxembourg which is a prominent center with many well- preserved historical sites and recently developed modern buildings. The historical sites in the city are from the 16th century with the architecture style of Flemish Renaissance.

My visit to Luxembourg was on a dry weekend in early spring. During my journey, I toured around the city center and discovered some local touristic attractions and had a chance to taste out some traditional, local food. Here is an illustrative map describing the routes that I pursued, the sights and places are numbered. The routes were drawn from Google Maps. (more…)

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Sirince Village: The Pearl of Mountain Ephesus

Turkey is a charming country, offers a wide variety of culture with its multi-national history. A good example for this multicultural mixture is Sirince Village, located near Selcuk, a town of Izmir famous for its ancient city Ephesus.

Sirince means “Cutie” in Turkish, and as its name indicates, it is a lovely village located on top of Ephesus mountain approximately 400 meters above the sea level situated to 8 km east of Ancient Ephesus City.

When you visit Sirince Village, it is possible to find the traces of Greek, Turkish and Balkan in the architecture. Sirince also offers many things at the same time such as nature, organic food, stylish architecture, wine tasting and the sunny weather. (more…)

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