Exploring Barcelona Part 2: La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia, the sacred cathedral, is the most popular attraction of Barcelona that nearly 3,000,000 visitors travel every year to the city to witness this exquisite view of this dignified temple. What makes this building so special is its unique style where art, religion, and beauty meet together and produces a breathtaking view visible from any point of the city.

La Sagrada Familia has a long construction history and is still not yet finished. The first stone is laid on March 19, 1882, around 135 years ago. The temple is planned to be finished in 2026, there are a couple of years more to go for the final opening. The architect of this ambitious project is no one else than Antoni Gaudi whose view of art is “Truth”, “Structure” and “Beauty”.


Overview of La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is planned to be in the maximum height as 172.5 meters, it is slightly less high than Mountain Montjuic, the highest hill that could be seen from the horizon of Barcelona. The towers are dedicated to holy saints who had an important role in history and the facades depict important scenes from rising of Christianity and Jesus.

Taste'n Travel: La Sagrada Familia
Taste’n Travel: La Sagrada Familia

Nativity facade: Nativity faces the east side of the campus and designed in modernist style. There are depictions about the birth of Jesus as the way it is described in the bible. They are on three portals named as Faith, Hope, and Charity.

Passion Facade: On Passion, there are depictions of death, burial, and ascension of Jesus. The facade is a combination of modern style with Gothic architecture. On this facade, there is also a magic square where all number add up to 33 which is a holy number for the Christian community. Passion facade was constructed after Gaudi’s death, however, he already had detailed models of the design of Nativity facade. Click here for Gaudi’s original drawing of the Passion facade. 

La Sagrada Familia has a stunning interior design which makes me feel pleased just by witnessing such a beauty. It is not only about the design of its shape but also the many-colored lights that come from outside. I think it adds another dimension to the view. Here is unquestionably the best and the most colorful basilica that I have visited so far.

Taste'n Travel: La Sagrada Familia Interior
Taste’n Travel: Interior of La Sagrada Familia


La Sagrada Familia is a “must” attraction to see for anyone who is interested in traveling to Barcelona. The official address is Carrer de Mallorca, 401, 08013. Opening hours depends on the season click here for more information. The entry price also depends on the tour and the ticket with an audio guide is € 22,00. Click here for the official website.

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