Pelgrom: A Place in Antwerp Frozen in History

Antwerp is a beautiful city full of attractions, delicious tastes, and a rich history. On the previous post, I wrote over the historical tourist attractions of the Antwerp under the title “Discovering the Medieval Traces of Antwerp.” There are some well-preserved public buildings and monuments around the city from medieval times such as the City Hall or the Cathedral.

In Antwerp, medieval spirit can also be traced in some of the private properties such as “Pelgrom”. Pelgrom is also a perfect place to enjoy Flemish cuisine in medieval style. Pelgrom has two different sections: a museum-house of a medieval family and a cellar as the restaurant.

Pelgrom is located on one of the well-preserved streets of Antwerp, on a narrow 16th-century street called Pelgrimstraat. This cute narrow street takes its name from “pilgrim”. In those times, pilgrims traveling from the north often passed through this street and took a break in one of the surrounding places. Nowadays Pelgrimstraat is a very popular street full of touristic sidewalk cafes and restaurants such as Pelgrom.

Pelgrom Restaurant

When I entered the restaurant, the first thing that attracted my attention was a charming fireplace with two armchairs in front. I found this section very cozy and peaceful….This internal decoration was like a painting canvas. Pelgrom gives you a great historic experience as if stories which learned in history class gets into the real life.

Pelgrom restaurant has multiple rooms. I wanted to explore every single section of this mysterious place, and I decided to make a tour around to explore. First, I passed to a corridor. On the left wall, there was a very lovely painting; a beautiful view of 16th century Pilgrimstraat and Cathedral of our Lady. I viewed the painting for a while and continued my tour. The corridor connects to the entrance of a cellar, and I followed the stairs downstairs.

The cellar is dark however very cozy. The floor, walls, and the ceiling were all made of stones. The cellar is only being lightened by the candles. Wooden tables and candles made the place looks very historic. When I looked around, there were decorations of old wine barrels and food. I found it a nice demonstration of how it was in the old times. There are also some demonstrations about how the foods were being stored here. My tour finished, and I decided to sit on one of the tables around. I enjoyed this place very much…There was also a lovely medieval style music. I felt like I was living in the old times having my break here at Pelgrom with the other Pilgrims.

Pelgrom in Antwerp
Taste’n Travel: Pelgrom in Antwerp. Restaurant section, formerly used as a wine cellar.

For me Pelgrom is a place to stop for a while, have a break and enjoy some Belgium beers with some medieval experience. Pelgrom is also a nice place to experience typical Vlemish cousine. Click here to view their menu about Flemish and other dishes.

When I go there, I usually order the same food; a local Belgium beer from the tap such as Tongerlo and a cheese plate. I really enjoy this taste with the surrounding atmosphere, and of course with the music :).

Taste'n Travel: Pelgrom in Antwerp.
Taste’n Travel: Pelgrom in Antwerp. Top: demonstration of how food were kept in the cellar (left), Painting of Pilgrimstraat and the Cathedral (right). Belgian beers (bottom).

Pelgrom Museum

The private museum is in the upstairs and open to visitors with a price of 3 euros. In Pelgrom museum, home of a middle-class family is demonstrated. You can tour the house museum with a guide who explains about the place. The guide seemed to be a very knowledgeable man, and he was enthusiastic about sharing the stories about this place and the former owners.

Demonstration in the museum was splendid. For example, there was a real chicken in the kitchen. The guide explained that chickens were kept inside to produce eggs. There were also other animals In the attic floor; pigeons and bees. The pigeons were used to send messages since there were no smartphones to Whatsapp in those times 🙂 Bees were also kept inside to produce candles from their wax. It was fascinating to experience how a family life would be in the medieval times.

The second floor was the living space of the household, and models were used demonstrate how the family was spending time in the house. This scene looked very vivid that all the models looked real. The tour lasted around 25 minutes. It was a very pleasant experience that I enjoyed this journey very much learned interesting stories over this place. The role of the guide was significant to increase my interest in how life in Antwerp was in the old times.

Taste'n Travel: Pelgrom in Antwerp. Private museum section.
Taste’n Travel: Pelgrom in Antwerp. Private museum section.

Pelgrom is a place where you can visit if you like to experience historical places and curious about how the life was in the medieval times. It is especially an excellent spot to give a break if you are touring around the center.

Pelgrom is also a very convenient place to enjoy time with friends and family. The cellar section may not be suitable for very young children, is dark and has too many stairs. The price of the main dishes are around 18 to 20 euros. Entrance to the museum is 3 euros. TripAdvisor Rating for Pelgrom is 3,5 out of 5.

The official address of Pelgrom is Pelgrimsstraat 15, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium. From Antwerp Central Station, it takes 21 minutes to access by foot, 10 minutes by car and 9 minutes by tram (#9). Pelgrom is open every day: Monday to Thursday open between 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm and from Friday to Sunday open between 12:00 am to 11:00 pm. Check out official website of Pelgrom for more information.

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