Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a fascinating city where sits in the heart of northwest Europe with all its glory. Having wandered around this stunning city, it is possible for someone to trace its wealthy history. During Golden times, it was a capital of commercial trade with having strong connections from east to west.

Dam Square is the oldest square in Amsterdam, which is considered as the center of the city witnessed many important events throughout history. It is still the main square of Amsterdam surrounded by important buildings and monuments as Nieuwe Kerk, National Monument and also the Royal Palace. Here is a nice video about the history and development of Dam Square.

Amsterdam Royal Palace and The City Hall (Stadhuis)

Amsterdam Royal Palace has 350 years of history, it was constructed as a City Hall between 1648 to 1665 after the old city hall was destructed from the fire. During French occupation, King Louis I (Napoleon) transformed the Amsterdam city hall into a Royal Palace in 1808. The architecture style is Holland Classicism and afterward, additions were made in Lodewijk XIV style (French influence).

Taste'n Travel: Royal Palace of Amsterdam
Taste’n Travel: Dam Square and the Royal Palace of Amsterdam

The architect of the city hall is the Dutch architect Jacob van Campen who planned the building as a symbol of wealth that the government reached during the Golden times. The Royal Palace is constructed over 13,659 piles and mostly with using dimension stones.

Amsterdam Royal Palace was the largest administrative building in Europe for a long time and it was shown ad a candidate for “Eight Wonder of the World.” What makes this building awesome is the impressive interior decoration which was way more extravagant compared to other capital city halls.

Interior of Amsterdam Royal Palace

The interior of the palace is elegantly decorated, full of famous artworks, impressive paintings, marble statues and many other valuable items. When you enter the building and climb to the first floor, you would find yourself in the Citizens Hall where is decorated with engraved marbles and statues.

Taste'n Travel: Royal Palace of Amsterdam
Taste’n Travel: Royal Palace of Amsterdam, Citizens Hall, Hemispheric World Maps, Atlas and Posideon Statues.

The Citizens’ Hall looks impressive that it could be a reason by itself to visit the palace. On the sides, there are two statues from Greek Mythology: Poseidon and Atlas. Poseidon stands as a symbol for having strong connections with sea and Atlas statues stands for Dutch palace in the universe. On the floor, there are two maps depicting eastern and western hemisphere if the world.

The Citizen Hall is surrounded by four galleries (corridors) which are decorated with paintings from famous Dutch artists. The galleries are connected to rooms and offices of administrative and financial officers such as Magistrate, Accountant, Treasury, City Council and Insurance. According to me, the most impressive room was Magistrates’ Chamber which was decorated in a golden and red theme which the colors represent wealth and power.

Taste'n Travel: Royal Palace of Amsterdam
Taste’n Travel: Interior of Royal Palace of Amsterdam, Chambers and Galleries.

Amsterdam Palace on the Dam Square is a convenient place to visit for anyone who is interested Dutch art and history. Besides, visiting the palace is also a nice opportunity to see many impressive Dutch artworks. Ground and the first floor is open to public visit, click here for the opening hours. The entry price is 10 euros for adults and free for kids. A virtual tour is also available, click here to access. Here is a good article about “Hidden Secrets of Royal Palace”.

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