Touring Around Vienna: Part 1

Vianna is a charming city with its rich imperial history which offers many sights for its visitors. It is possible to witness different styles of architecture which was popular in various eras. Vienna is a beautiful city where traditional and modern in entwined into each other. There is also a suitable place to experience the extravagant baroque lifestyle.

Emperor Franz Joseph I had a significant influence on the architectural development of Vienna. He was actually one of the most beloved rulers of Austrian-Hungary Empire who reigned the kingdom for 68 years. Franz Joseph also had good taste in architecture, when you walk around the city, you can encounter the traces of his wise intellectual standpoint. What impressed me most was the quote in Hofburg Gate, “Iustitia Regnorum Fundamentum (Justice is the foundation of Kingdoms)”, must be very inspiring for the Australian citizens for pass along this gate every day. (more…)

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Churches of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a beautiful European city with its canal streets, cafes and stylish buildings. The churches are well-protected historical monuments and fascinating examples of medieval and renaissance architecture.  Those beautiful monuments ornate the city from east to west and north to south with their domes and towers.

The churches of Amsterdam range from 100 to 800 years that most of them were constructed between 13th to 16th century when the city was growing and becoming wealthier. In those times, religion had a major role in daily life of the Christians and attending to the church was an obligation for the citizens. The churches were powerful and independent with their laws and taxes. (more…)

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