Van Abbemuseum: Eindhoven’s Precious Modern Art Gallery

Eindhoven is one of the well-known high tech industrial centers in Europe. The city is rapidly growing since the beginning of 20th century thanks to its citizens, who are always seeking for innovation and originality.

Henri Van Abbe, a cigar manifacturer, was one of the citizens who made a significant contribution to Eindhoven. He was passionate for collecting art pieces from various national and international artists. His life period coincided with the era that perception of art has shifted towards modernism which is the true evidence of ever-changing world. (more…)

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Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a fascinating city where sits in the heart of northwest Europe with all its glory. Having wandered around this stunning city, it is possible for someone to trace its wealthy history. During Golden times, it was a capital of commercial trade with having strong connections from east to west.

Dam Square is the oldest square in Amsterdam, which is considered as the center of the city witnessed many important events throughout history. It is still the main square of Amsterdam surrounded by important buildings and monuments as Nieuwe Kerk, National Monument and also the Royal Palace. Here is a nice video about the history and development of Dam Square. (more…)

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GLOW: The Precious Dutch Light Festival of Eindhoven

Social events are popular in the Netherlands, as such, there are a number of regular activities organized like festivals, parades, and markets. Eindhoven, the high-tech city in the south of Netherlands hosts full of creative events and GLOW is a prominent one which is a light festival being organized on every second week of November.

Such a light festival is well suited for one of the most leading worldwide technology and industry region that Eindhoven could be considered as the “silicon valley” of Europe. Being the hometown of Philips has significantly helped the city to urbanize rapidly. Many traces are visible around the town, as such some buildings were once formerly part of Philips factory. (more…)

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Pinkpop: Netherland’s Most Famous Music Festival

Music festivals must be experienced at least once in a lifetime. It provides a unique environment which is relaxing and lively at the same time. Wherever you turn around you will see live bands and youth spirit, smiling faces, and enjoyment of life. For me festival days are like special times offered from heaven, takes my mind away from the quotidian monotonous tasks and makes me mindfully present in the moment, I am there just to have fun.

In Europe, many music festivals are organised every year and I am taking an advantage of this since I moved to the Netherlands. I am attending a music festival at least once a year. I have been to Rock Werchter once and Pinkpop Music Festival twice. There are much more music festivals in Europe. Click here to read more about the Music Festivals which in Europe. (more…)

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Traditional Dutch Pancakes in Eindhoven

Pancake is my favorite food. I feel lucky that I live in a country where pancakes are easily found outside with many different flavors. They are sold in grocery shops as packaged or in train stations. Pancakes are being served in restaurants and there are even places where there are only pancakes, those places are called pancake houses. There are even boats where you can eat unlimited pancakes during the journey.

Having pancakes for breakfast during the weekends is a tradition of our family. Usually, I bake pancakes at home in the weekends. This Saturday we decided to go to a pancake house that we have not been before. We wanted to try out a new taste in an outdoor place to get fresh air and enjoy the relaxing environment. Google Search showed me that Pannenkoekenhuis De Proeftuin was an ideal location for us to discover. (more…)

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