Touring Around Luxembourg City Part 2

Luxembourg City is the capital of Luxembourg which is a prominent center with many well- preserved historical sites and recently developed modern buildings. The historical sites in the city are from the 16th century with the architecture style of Flemish Renaissance.

My visit to Luxembourg was on a dry weekend in early spring. During my journey, I toured around the city center and discovered some local touristic attractions and had a chance to taste out some traditional, local food. Here is an illustrative map describing the routes that I pursued, the sights and places are numbered. The routes were drawn from Google Maps.

Taste'n Travel: Luxembourg City Map
Taste’n Travel: Luxembourg City Map

My experience with the first three sights (La Table Du Pain, Cathedrale Notre Dame, Grand Ducal Palace) is described in the previously posted blog article (click here to access to the article). In this article, I am explaining about Fortified Walls and Bock Casemates, Abbey Neumunster and Dipso Republic Bar. There are still some other city landmarks such as Adolphe Bridge and Fort Thungen that is waiting for my next visit.

4) Fortified Walls and Bock Casemates:

Luxembourg City is one of the best examples as a fortified European city with its 180 hectares well-preserved walls. Beneath the walls, there is an extensive underground network as 17 km’s of tunnels which are the longest casemates of the world. The Casemates are declared as Unesco Heritage since 1994.

Throughout the centuries, the casemates played a major role in defending the city from the enemies. During WW1 and WW2, there became a shelter for all the citizens of the city having the population of 35,000 by then.

Taste'n Travel: Touring Around Luxembourg, Casamates du Bock
Taste’n Travel: Touring Around Luxembourg, Casamates du Bock

What makes the walls unique is that its multi-cultural structure, the walls were expanded and repaired throughout the history by many different nations since the city was empowered by Holy Roman Empire, Burgundy House, Hapsburg Monarchy, Spaniards, Franks and Prussians in different times.

Before 1867, Luxembourg City was surrounded by walls then they are partially demolished. Fort Thungen, which remained on the other side of the city was part of the city is restored and well preserved open for visit. Click here to learn more about the Fort Thungen.

Luxembourg walls is a “must” attraction to see during your visit. If you enjoy photographing panoramic sites, you can produce fantastic pictures from the top of Bock Casemates. If you are interested in Luxembourg’s military history and identity, you will enjoy visiting the casemates. It is also possible to get an audio guide during the Casemates tour. The entrance is 3 euros for adults and 2,5 for children. Click here for more information.

5) Neumunster Abbey:

The abbey is situated in one of the earliest settlements of Luxembourg, it served an important role in history. During the medieval times there was another monastery (Altmunster) in the same place which was destroyed when the troops of France invaded the city on 11 September 1543.

Taste'n Travel: Touring Around Luxembourg, Neumunster Abbey
Taste’n Travel: Touring Around Luxembourg, Neumunster Abbey

The new abbey is constructed in 1606 Abbot Roberti and it was called Neumunster (new monastery). This new building complex consists of a church and four buildings. The church is called St. Jean du Grund. During the French empowerment, the buildings were used a military hospital, and then as a prison until 1985. Here is a good article if you want to learn the historical details of the monastery.

Today, Neumunster Abbey is a cultural exchange center, where there are galleries, concert venue, and a restaurant. Many different kinds of events are organized. The building itself is a landmark of the city with its beautiful tower. Viewing from the top, the building gives a lovely picturesque view especially during the sunset. This scene is worth experiencing and capturing especially if you like to photograph natural scenes.

The Abbey is situated in the valley of Alzette and faces to a beautiful park which you can take a walk along the riverside. There is a peaceful and romantic atmosphere, and you can enjoy your time, get fresh air alone or with friends and family.

6) Dipso Republic Bar:

The wine industry is developed in Luxembourg that there are many vineyards, especially around the Moselle region. Wine tasting and wine houses are famous around Luxembourg and there are good places to enjoy local Luxembourgish tastes.

Taste'n Travel: Touring Around Luxembourg, Dipso Republic Bar
Taste’n Travel: Touring Around Luxembourg, Dipso Republic Bar

The Dipso Republic is one of the best places within the city, situated in the old town area and offers many different local wines. I visited the place during a Saturday night, the place was crowded and most of the places were reserved, the only spot that was available was the bar table. My first impression was that the place is attractive and offers good tastes to its guests. Most of the visitors seemed to be locals. They were all dressed elegantly enjoying their Saturday night.

I found the atmosphere of Dipso Republic warm and inspiring. The place has a cozy decoration with medieval style stone walls, wooden shelves, and lamps. I ordered red wine and a cheese board to accompany the drinks. Most of the cheeses on the board was a French cheese such as Roquefort and Camembert.

The Dipso Bar Republic is a great place to enjoy the evenings with friends. There are delicious and good quality food, a little bit expensive (7 euros per price) but definitely worth its price. I had a great time and planning to visit there again on my next trip to Luxembourg.

The Tripadvisor rating for Dipso Republic Bar is 4,5 out of 5. The address of the place is 4 rue de la Loge, 1945 Lëtzebuerg, Luxembourg and the opening hours are from 17:00 to 1:00. The place is closed on Sundays. It is highly recommended to call the place and reserve a table before your visit.

Luxembourg is a great country and there are also  many sights within and outside the capital. Here is a comprehensive list of the sights which are worth visiting. If you are traveling by car, it would be cheaper to fuel your car when you are inside Luxembourg borders.

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