Touring Around Luxembourg City Part 1

In between Germany, Belgium, and France, there sits a very small and beautiful country which is called Luxembourg. The seventh smallest country of European Union. Despite its size, Luxembourg has one of the highest per capita in the world, and the official name is Grand Duchy of Luxembourg since 1815. Throughout the history, Luxembourg remained wealthy thanks to the steel industry. Today, there is an important investment place in the world, a financial center for many banks and companies.

The capital of the country is called Luxembourg City, which is a prominent center with many well- preserved historical sites and recently developed modern buildings. Many of the buildings were constructed in the 16th century and the style is inspired by Flemish Renaissance Architecture. Here is an informative web article about the history of Luxembourg.

I visited Luxembourg city in early spring in a weekend. The weather was dry, cloudy with a mild temperature. It was an enjoyable trip, I had a chance to wander around the city center and discover some touristic attractions, and try out local tastes. It was especially enjoyable to photograph the landscapes and historical sites that the city is full of picturesque scenes that there is a heaven for photographers.

Taste'n Travel: Luxembourg City Map
Taste’n Travel: Luxembourg City Map

Here is a map illustrating the places that I visited: Some are touristic sites and some are restaurants (The routes are drawn from Google Maps).

1) La Table du Pain:

La Table Du Pain is a typical Luxembourgish bakery where you can enjoy various types of local authentic tastes. The place itself looks nostalgic from outside and it gives a good impression of being experts on the bakery for decades. What I found really nice was the window decoration of store , where all the baked items were exhibited there.

Making an option is not easy in La Table Du Pain, especially on your first visit because there are a wide variety of options. However, seeing all the products on the store window makes the decision-making process easier, still, it might take a while to make up your mind, they offer even more than five types of bread.

 Touring Around Luxembourg City Part 1: La Table Du Pain
Touring Around Luxembourg City Part 1: La Table Du Pain

I visited the place during breakfast time. The interior decoration of the place was also nice however the upper floor was too crowded and stuffy, so I preferred to sit on the base floor. For breakfast, I was looking for something sweet to eat so I went for an apricot tart and vanilla eclair cake and also tried some homemade bread with butter. So far all the f00d that I tasted in La Table du Pain was delicious, I would want to visit there sometime again and try out the other options.

La Table Du Pain is a perfect place to enjoy brunch with friends and families. There offers a nice atmosphere with a purely wood decoration of the floor and furniture. The address of the place is 9 Avenue Monterey, 2163 Luxembourg. The TripAdvisor ratings are 4 out of 5. The opening hours is from 7 am to 7 pm. Click here for the address of the website.

2) Cathedrale Notre Dame:

Notre Dame Cathedral of Luxembourg is a beautiful piece of sacred artwork. This is the main cathedral of the city, a well-preserved historic site that gives clue about the cultural background of the city. The cathedral remained the same way since it was constructed from 1613 to 1621. The architectural style of cathedral is mainly gothic and there are also the elements of renaissance and baroque.

Touring Around Luxembourg City Part 1: Cathedrale Notre Dame Touring Around Luxembourg City Part 1: Cathedrale Notre Dame

Originally, Notre Dame Cathedral was a jesuit church which was declared as a cathedral in 1870. Some of the royal family members are buried to the crypt as well as John the Blind who was once the King of Bohemia. The cathedral looks glorious, especially the main gate and also the strain glasses.

Notre Dame Cathedral is definitely worth visiting, it is a nice opportunity to explore inside multi-variation architectural structure of the city. The cathedral is on Rue de Notredame (2240). The entrance to the cathedral is free, opening hours are 10 am to noon, 2 to 5:30.

3) Grand Ducal Palace:

Grand Ducal Palace is the residential palace of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg situated in the heart of the town. For me, this is the most impressive building of the city because it resembles chateau’s that are described in the fairy tales. As an architectural work, the residential palace has a different style from the other buildings, it has features of Hispano – Moorish style.

 Touring Around Luxembourg City Part 1: Grand Ducal Palace
Touring Around Luxembourg City Part 1: Grand Ducal Palace

The palace is a symbol of independence for Luxembourg citizens. The palace is constructed between 1572 to 1574 as a town hall. The building became a residential palace in 1890 during the reign of Grand Duke Adolphe. During the second world war, the palace was occupied by Nazi’s for a couple of years. 

Grand Ducal Palace is one of the main touristic attractions to visit in Luxembourg City. The palace is guarded by Luxembourg soldiers. During summer, it is also possible to witness solemn changing of the guard which occurs once a month. Luxembourg palace is open to visitors, and there are regular guided audio tours. The admission is 6 € for adults and 3 € for children. Click here for more information.

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