Touring Around Vienna: Part 2

If you are an art lover, Vienna is unquestionably a “must” destination for you to visit, that there is a famous European centre for art and history. There are diverse imperial treasury collections exhibited in Viennese museums.

Vienna itself is actually an open air museum that as a city, it is on UNESCO’s world heritage list. I visited Vienna in a December weekend and the city was breathtaking with its Christmas spirit. Beautiful Christmas markets were everywhere. Click here to read more about Christmas markets.

I spent a weekend in Vienna which the time was limited but I had a plenty of chances to visit most of the main attractions around the old town. I can say that this city has unique landmarks some of them which attracted my attention were Ringstrasse, Hofburg Palace Complex, St. Stephen’s Church (Stephansdom), Schonbrunn Palace, Museum Quarter (Museumkwartier), City Park (Stadtpark). Click here to read about the first part.

Museums of Vienna

Museums are the first things that come to mind when you talk about Vienna that there is even a special district for museums called Museumkwartier or Museum Quarter. There, many art and cultural works are exhibited over the large area which is 60.000m2. Museum Quarter was opened in September 2001. Click here to read more about Museum Quarter. 

Taste'n Travel: Touring Around Vienna Part 2. Museums of Vienna.
Taste’n Travel: Touring Around Vienna Part 2. Museums of Vienna.

The two popular imperial museums in Vienna are Museum of Fine Arts and Museum of Natural history. In these museums, valuable collections of Habsburg Monarchy is being exhibited. There is an incredible large which were collected from all over the world through centuries. These two museums are wide flat twin buildings facing each other which were established during Emperor Franz Joseph times and the construction took between 1877 and 1891.

The Art History Museum about fine arts that there are many famous paintings and artworks are being exhibited. The natural history museum is about collections art and science, fossils, stuffed animals, fossils, minerals and natural stones are exhibited. Moreover, prehistoric treasures are also exhibited, Venus of Willendorf is one of the oldest piece exhibited in the prehistoric museum which is 29.500 years old.

Other famous Viennese museums that are worth visiting are Albertina which is a graphic art museum. Hofburg Palace Complex is now the collection of museums. In the previous blog article, I have also described the touristic attractions in detail that there a wide variety of museums that you can decide from. Click here to learn more about museums.

Schonbrunn Palace

Schonbrunn is an imperial summer palace of Habsburg Monarchy, an elegant wide palace which makes you feel like you are in the fairy tales. Schonbrun was constructed in the 17th century. There are in total of 1,441 rooms in this Baroque style palace.

Taste'n Travel: Touring Around Vienna Part 2. Schonbrunn Palace.
Taste’n Travel: Touring Around Vienna Part 2. Schonbrunn Palace.

Schonbrunn has an extensive garden, and the famous Empress Maria Theresa opened the park to the public in 1779. There is also a zoo within the garden that numerous wild creatures welcomes visitors every day.

Schonbrunn hosted many famous figures since its history. Franz Joseph, who was born and lived there for his entire life. Mozart visited the palace and gave a concert for Empress Maria Theresa when he was six. Napoleon himself also lived in Schonbrunn during his occupation to Austrian empire and he claimed about the beds being uncomfortable.

Schonbrunn palace is one of the few places where remained original and classic since it was constructed and did not get influenced by the technology. The only technological alteration is the light and electric system to the palace. Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light system of Schonbrunn Palace in the 19th century. During Second World War the palace survived with minimal damage. An unexploded bomb damaged the ceiling of the Grand Gallery.

Schonbrunn palace is approximately 8 km away from the city centre (Stephansplatz). A convenient way to reach there is by tram and bus. You can visit the palace with entry fee. Photography is strictly forbidden inside Schonbrunn palace. Click here for the opening times and other details.


Just to the side of ring boulevard (Ringstrasse), there sits a very beautiful green area surrounded by neoclassical style buildings and bridges. Stadtpark or the City Park is the oldest public park in Vienna and the largest green space in the city.

Taste'n Travel: Touring Around Vienna Part 2. Stadtpark.
Taste’n Travel: Touring Around Vienna Part 2. Stadtpark.

Stadtpark opened to the public in 1857 however it took 14 more years to finish the entire plan when the “Kursalon” building is finished (the one in the cover image). Kur Salon Hubner is a venue for concerts and public dances. There is one of the places where you could get a taste of Viennese classical music. Click here to get information about concert agenda.

Another famous attraction within Stadtpark is the golden statue of Johann Strauss who is a famous musician and the resident of Vienna 1825 to 1899. Johann Strauss is known for being a self-taught musician, and his most famous work is The Waltz King. Click here to read more about Johann Strauss and here to listen to The Waltz King.

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